The 6-year-old died on the second day of class, supposedly forgotten in a school bus, which could have been a nightmare that could have been avoided.

The child is dead, that is the worst. Those who neglect a child in a car to cause death will have to face guilt, face serious legal consequences; In addition, the judgment of the media and friends will be abused by strangers. And especially important, tragedy is completely preventable if we really understand it.

It is this severity, which makes most people mistakenly think that they will never leave a child in the car in the hot summer sun. Therefore, the concept of children being forgotten to death in cars was not cared by anyone, until the incident happened at Gateway International High School, all were shocked and felt strange.

In the world, neglecting children in cars to death is a more common form of accident than everyone's subjective thoughts. On average, one child dies in Canada this way. The United States pretty much, from 1998 to 2018 more than 800 children died because their parents left the car, in 2019 alone, 26 children died. And most cases of child deaths are due to neglect by parents.

Ignorance is what drives a car into a death trap. Children with little skin area, so the amount of sweat released to cool the body will not be as much as adults, so that children are forgotten in a car, their body temperature will increase faster from 3 up to 5 times that of adults.

When the body temperature reaches 40 ° C, the organs begin to disorganize, above 41 ° C begins to heat up and life-threatening, higher than 42 ° C will shock heat and die quickly.

University of California has just published a study in May 2018, experimenting with 6 cars in 35 ° C weather conditions, equivalent to the temperature of August 6 in Cau Giay District (Hanoi), where the child is in class. 1 death.

Accordingly, if the car is parked in the sun, after 1 hour the air temperature in the car is up to 47 ° C, 69 ° C dashboard, 53 ° C steering wheel, 51 ° C seat. Simulation of a 2-year-old child, put in a car in this condition, after only one hour the temperature reaches the threshold of death-threatening heat shock.

If the car is parked in the shade, after 1 hour the air temperature in the car is 38 ° C, 48 ° C dashboard, seats 41 ° C. In a 2-year-old simulation, after 2 hours there will be heat shock.

Even when it's cold, a child who gets left in a car will be dangerous. A study by San Francisco State University showed that a car closes in cold weather at 21 ° C, the temperature in the car rises quite quickly, even when a little glass window is opened, the temperature will change. significant. Specifically: after 10 minutes to 32 ° C, after 20 minutes to 37 ° C, after 30 minutes to 40 ° C, after 60 minutes to 45 ° C, after 2 hours to 49 ° C.

I have looked closely at the annual statistics table in the US from 1998 to now, the people who left children in cars leading to death are mostly parents. Their professions can be teachers, doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, law enforcement officers, military officers. There was even a rocket scientist.

I agree with the explanations of experts, like David Diamond, a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida, who has spent a lot of time and energy researching the deaths of neglected children in cars. . He thinks this is a matter of memory.

Memory through the basal ganglia, frontal cortex and hippocampus, allows people to do familiar tasks in automatic mode, without the need for conscious thought. Usually, everything goes automatically, even very well. But when the body is tired or stressed, the perception will not be clear because the brain has reduced analytical abilities, impaired ability to plan and think critically.

In fact, the human brain is multitasking, the human memory is flawed. When part of multitasking is lost, one may forget a child, not being aware of the child's neglect in the car, resulting in the child dying a few hours later.

Through the heartbreaking incident of the child at Gateway school, in order to prevent the occurrence of a recurrence, I think the most important thing is that everyone needs to understand the concept of neglecting children in cars. Ignorance will lead to subjective thinking, no effective preventive measures, so disaster will inevitably occur at a certain time in certain circumstances.

The measure against each person's "forgetfulness" is a rigorous process and its compliance. For parents, in order to not forget their children in the car, it is necessary to have some basic skills. For example, a child in the back seat puts a bag or toy in front of them to remind him of his presence. Keep parental stuffs such as bags, backpacks, or mobile phones right next to the child's seat in the back seat. Set up a texting service system or call to remind the school when your child is not in class. Always check the inside of the vehicle before locking.

For schools using school transportation, it is imperative that the school develop a standard process; Teachers, students, drivers, and parents must follow every step of the process closely. Any arbitrary, no process or do not follow the steps of the process, sooner or later will lead to disaster.

The lack of memory causes catastrophic consequences, such as the good surgeon who forgot the cutlery in the stomach of the patient, the veteran pilot with many hours of flight experience landed on the wrong runway. And in those industries, no one dares to depend on the ability of an individual to handle (no matter how thoroughly he can be trained, such as a pilot and a doctor). People look at processes. It is time for society to recognize that there is a kind of threat to children's lives: "forgetting in the car," building security mechanisms, and severely punishing those who fail to comply with the principles of carpet prevention. art.

Tran Van Phuc